At our local supermarket, they’ve introduced automated stations.

You can now go through, scan your own purchases and pay without the assistance of a staff member.

Some people bemoan the loss of human contact and long for the days when we were served by real people.

Unfortunately, in most places, the loss of human contact took place a long time ago.

When all you get is a grunt, no eye contact and no smile, why not replace people with robots?

My solution?

Do what robots can’t.

Serve your customers with enthusiasm.


Treat your customers like real people, not annoying time wasters.

Solve problems for them and answer their questions with courtesy and excellence.

Make others feel special by using their name, taking an interest in them and giving them a unique experience that will bring them back and inspire them to tell their friends.

Take pride in your work and compete with yourself to continue to improve your results.

Robots can’t do that.

They just sit there and do their work with cool efficiency, following the instructions they were programmed with.

If that’s all you do, look out!

In this day and age, if you act like an automaton, you’re likely to be replaced by one.

Do what robots can’t.

It will protect your job, add value to your organisation and delight your customers.

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