There’s pressure in being successful.

There’s stress in leading people, coming up with new ideas, working hard, balancing priorities and making a difference.

Sometimes, we become aware of that pressure and try to avoid it.

Instead of aspiring to be our best, we choose to underachieve.

But there’s stress there as well.

There’s pressure in:

  • trying to avoid being scrutinised for poor performance
  • coming up with new excuses for not turning up
  • trying to conform to the herd’s standard when you know you’re capable of something better
  • leaving your career in the hands of others because you won’t take the initiative to learn new skills
  • letting the work pile up in front of you, taunting you to do something about it.
  • hiding the shoddiness of your work

I know which kind of stress I prefer, the one where at least there’s a pay-off for my efforts and where people are criticising me for what I’ve done, not for what I haven’t.

Which one kind of pressure will you choose?

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