As a pastor and blogger, I love it when I stumble across someone else’s site that I can read and learn from.

Last year, I posted my favourite Christian blogs (you can find them here).

As time has gone on, I’ve come across a few more that have made their way into my regular reading schedule and I would like to share them with you.

So here are some more favourite Christian blogs:

Red Letter Christians – This blog is written by Tony Campolo and friends that isn’t afraid to tackle the big issues of christianity.  Not scared of controversy or tough theological topics, Tony and his team (including well known authors in their own right, Brian McLaren and Scott McKnight, amongst others) have put together an excellent and thought-provoking website.  You won’t necessarily always agree with everything that’s written here, but at least it will challenge your beliefs and make you think. – Written by Pete Wilson, the founding pastor of Cross Point Church and author of “Plan B”, Pete’s blog is easy to read and focuses on Christian leadership, raising families and spiritual growth.  I only stumbled upon his blog in the past few months, but really like his style.  He’s one of those guys I wish I could write like.

Joel Comiskey – Joel is a world-renowned expert on cell groups and his blog has certainly been helpful for me in my current role.  He’s written numerous books on the subject and he and his team of writers provide a terrific resource for anyone who is interested in how to run an effective cell group program in their church.

Ron Edmondson – Ron is the Lead Pastor at Grace Community Church and his insights on family life, church and leadership are both easy to read and though provoking.

Brian Dodd on Leadership – Brian is a church leadership consultant who writes extensively about leadership in a very distinct style.  As a sports fan, I really enjoy the way he compiles quotes and insights from athletes and coaches.

Corey Turner – I’ve known Corey for a long time and I’m continually impressed by what he’s been able to achieve.  He’s the founder and lead pastor of Activate Church in Melbourne and his passion and vision for God and others is evident in his blog.

I really recommend the above blogs as well as those from my original list of favourites.

Do you have any Christian blogs that you would add to the list?

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