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A couple of months ago, I wrote about the need to not give up after one failed job interview.

But what happens if you have applied for dozens of jobs without success?

There are many people who have been unemployed for weeks, months, even years and have been rejected too many times to count.

What should you do in those circumstances?

Here are six tips that I hope are helpful:

Make changes – As Tony Robbins would say, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”  If your current job-hunting strategy isn’t working, you need to make changes.  Change your resume, rewrite your application letter or find different job sources.  Don’t get in such a rut that you just go through the motions, make sure that you mix it up and increase your chances of success.

Get feedback – If you’ve been applying over and over again without success, there must be a reason (or two).  If you’ve sent in a lot of applications and aren’t getting interviews, don’t be afraid to call and ask if there was something missing or poorly presented in your resume or application letter.  If you’ve been interviewed a lot but keep getting rejected, try to get some feedback about what you could have done differently to improve your performance.

It takes a bit of courage to do this, but it can be worth it as the feedback you receive may make a big difference in your next application.  When you ask for feedback, don’t get defensive and don’t push it if they are hesitant to give you any meaningful information, just thank them and move on.

Change your expectations – I’ve known people who were out of work for over a year, because they were waiting for the perfect opportunity and wouldn’t take anything less than ideal.  That may be OK for the first few weeks, but there comes a time where you may need to swallow your pride and go for something more realistic.  Some people believe that taking a backwards step is a mistake that can set your career back a few years, but I prefer that you be employed and active than sitting on your backside watching and waiting for the right opportunity.

Get professional help – If you’ve been struggling for a long time, perhaps it’s time to invest in some professional assistance.  Maybe a career counsellor, a life coach or resume writer can give you the edge that you need to finally land that job that you’ve been looking for.

Keep smiling – This one is certainly easier said than done, especially after multiple rejections, but if you find yourself going to interviews with a frown, rather than a smile, your chances of success diminish dramatically.  Employers are drawn to positive candidates, so try not to let your circumstances impact how optimistic you portray yourself to others.

Never, ever, ever give up – I can’t say this clearly enough.  If you give up, it’s over.  If you keep trying, you’re still in the game, you still have a chance.

As I wrote this post, I couldn’t help feel that it was possibly relevant for a range of situations, not just job applications.

You may be in sales or even struggle in social situations, if so, I hope that these tips were of assistance as well.

Have you been able to overcome multiple rejections in your life?

If so, do you have any other tips to add to the list?

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