If you’re a parent like me, chances are that you aim to be the best mum or dad you can be.

You have great intentions and set high standards for yourself.

However, it’s also likely that there are times when your efforts don’t match your expectations.

It may be that you get impatient, that you don’t give your kids the attention they deserve or you punish one of them unfairly.

We all do it, even the best parents have bad moments.

I heard someone say recently, that at some stage everyday, she feels like the worst mum in the world.

She isn’t.

She’s a terrific parent who is attentive, sets appropriate boundaries for her kids and enforces them appropriately.  She’s obviously a great mum and her lovely children are a credit to her.

I know a lot of good parents who feel as though they aren’t doing a good job.

I guess when we:

  • set impossibly high standards
  • understand the crucial importance of parenting
  • don’t get a manual with our kids
  • are stressed and sleep deprived
  • think that everyone else is doing a better job than us

… then we’re bound to fail sometimes.

If you’re a parent, I want to encourage you today.

We all make mistakes, we all wish that we could take back some of the things that we say and do.

But give yourself a break.

If your intentions are good, you are providing a safe, supportive, loving environment for your children, give them regular and full attention, have a consistent process of discipline and continue to look for ways to improve your parenting skills, then you and your kids are going to be OK.

Good parents have bad moments.

Focussing on the mistakes you make and staying in a perpetual state of guilt has the potential to distract you from doing a great job.

Let’s dust ourselves off, try to do better tomorrow, and ask for God’s help in raising children who will one day be adults who themselves make a meaningful contribution to the society we live in.

If you’re a parent, do you have bad moments?

If so, how do you respond?

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