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Where we live there’s a native species of cockatoo called the long-billed corella.

It’s a beautiful white bird with striking reddish-pink markings and a large distinctive beak.

Every morning and evening, a flock of hundreds of these corellas flies over our house towards their feeding grounds, making a loud racket as they fly.

At first it was great to see such a large flock of native birds.  Then we found out what they did when they got to the paddocks where they fed.

There are a few houses in the vicinity and the corellas have taken to landing on the roofs of the houses and munching away on the roof tiles.  Their beaks are extremely powerful and they have become extremely destructive, especially when they gather in such large numbers.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve realised that it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.  Just as these corellas become pests when they get together en masse, there are other aspects of life which in reasonable doses add significant value, but when they take over, can hold us back.

For example, is it possible to read too many books?

A couple of years ago a personal development blogger set out to read one self-help book per week with the purpose of reviewing what he had learned on his blog.

After a few weeks, he realised that he was reading a lot of great books, but they were starting to blur together.  He hadn’t given himself the chance to digest the information that he was reading so that he could apply the new principles and ideas that he was coming across.  He realised that there was greater benefit in reading less so that he had the chance to allow himself to actually create some new beneficial habits.

As a pastor, I obviously endorse attending church, but I’ve also found that some people can become so obsessed with participating in different programs that have them out every night of the week that they neglect their families and other important relationships.  There’s also a danger here that people can become so “churchified” that they lose touch with the rest of the world, becoming less relevant to those who aren’t a part of the church.

Going to the gym, hobbies, time in the office, after-school activities for the children are all important things, but they can become dangerous if we let them take over our lives at the expense of relationships and genuine rest.

In the midst of our busy lives, remember the corellas and try not to let one good thing become an unhealthy obsession to the extent that the negatives start to outweigh the positives.

Is there a good thing in your life that you need to be conscious of?

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