When you’re a spectator, you get to yell at the referee, the other team and even your own players if you want to.

When you’re a spectator, you get to eat a hot dog or pie while expecting others to maintain their discipline to perform at an elite level.

When you’re a spectator you can write angry online diatribes about how useless your least favourite player is.

When you’re a spectator you can question the wisdom of trading one of your favourite players.

When you’re a spectator, you never lose, but you never win either.  You get to sing your team’s song, but only because of what others have done.

Similarly in life, when you’re a spectator, you can criticise and judge others without actually ever doing anything useful yourself.

But when you’re in the game, you walk off the field of battle exhausted, but knowing that you’ve given your all.

When you’re in the game, you have the opportunity to make mistakes, learn from them and improve.

When you’re in the game you feel the pain of defeat, but the ecstasy of victory.

When you’re in the game, you (perhaps naively) wish that the spectators would get more involved themselves rather than offer unhelpful advice from the cheap seats.

For everyone, there’s a locker somewhere with your name on it.  It contains a uniform in your size.

There’s a business, charity, church, school or other organisation somewhere that needs you to get in the game.

There’s a job to be done that requires discipline, work, passion, risk and the potential for pain.

Stop watching and start contributing.

Get in the game!

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