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Goldfish range in size from just a few centimetres to over a foot and a half in length.

The most influential factor in how big they grow isn’t diet or age, but the size of their environment.

If they are brought up in a small fish tank, they remain small.  If they spend their lives in a large aquarium or perhaps a garden pond, they have the capacity to grow much bigger.

Are we that different?

If we live in a small world with limited learning opportunities, limited experiences and only spend time with people who are the same as us, we stunt our own growth.

We end up with a small life, with unimaginative goals, dogmatic perspectives, negative attitudes, having petty online arguments and a small (if any) positive  impact.

If we want to make sure that we grow and live a large life, we need to:

  • expand our horizons
  • keep learning
  • spend time with people from diverse backgrounds (including race, religion, gender, political viewpoints)
  • travel
  • don’t just read writers whom we agree with
  • make time to think in silence and without electronic distractions
  • try new things
  • get out of our comfort zone

The advantage that we have over goldfish is that we get to choose the environment that we live in.

I want to encourage you today to update to a larger aquarium.

To live the kind of life that maximises your potential and increases your capacity to make a difference in the world.

Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Life is too short to be small.”

I couldn’t agree more.

What are you doing to expand your horizons and facilitate personal growth?

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