Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

You’re standing at the base of a large mountain.

It’s one that you’ve admired for a long time and you’ve wanted to climb it for many years.

You’ve even been to the base a few times, but the sheer size and the scope of the task has intimidated you and you’ve walked away.  Defeated before you even started.

But now is the time. 

Today is the day.

You’re going to climb the mountain.

You start with a spring in your step, imagining yourself at the summit, feeling fit and invincible.

The climb gets harder, the slope is steeper, the air thinner.

It’s not as easy as you thought. 

You contemplate going back but you’ve come too far.  You look back over your shoulder and the world seems so small, so distant.

Your feet slip and rocks tumble.  That was scary. 

“Be careful, don’t fall now,” you mutter to yourself.

You’re getting closer, you can see the top clearly.

You’re tired, but the exhilaration of the potential achievement pushes you on.

Just a bit further, dig deep, stay focused.

And then you get there.  You stand on top of your mountain, reach into your backpack and pull out a flag to place at the summit.

You’ve done it!

You’ll remember this moment forever.

Every challenge seems a bit smaller now, every fear slightly easier to overcome.

You descend victorious, eager to find the next goal.

What’s your mountain?

What’s stopping you from starting your ascent?

Climb that mountain!

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