I’m sure that most of us had delusions of grandeur when we were kids.

Becoming an astronaut.

Breaking the world record for the 100m sprint.

Becoming the President of the United States or the Queen of England.

And then we grew up and became realists.

Now people with delusions of grandeur are annoying.

Except that without them, doing grand things becomes less possible.

People said that JFK was crazy when he promised to send a man to the moon within a decade.

His delusion of grandeur happened.

People mocked Bill Gates when he aimed to place a computer on every desk.

He doesn’t look too delusional today.

It may seem like a delusion of grandeur to one day own your own business, to run a marathon, to lose weight, to have a flourishing career or marriage, to speak in front of 1000 people at once, to have a meaningful, personal relationship with Jesus or to simply be happy.

But maybe with a dream, a goal, a consistent focus, discipline and action your delusion of grandeur can become a reality.

What’s your delusion of grandeur?

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