One of the challenges when aspiring to excel at anything is focussing so much on your skills and abilities that you forget about your audience.

We expect others to change for us, to adapt to us and to meet our expectations instead of the other way around.

In the 1980’s Torvill and Dean turned ice dancing on its head when they began to combine excellent skating with vivid story-telling in their routines that people immediately responded to and instantly loved.

There were other skaters who probably had more technical ability, but people couldn’t relate to them and they had no audience.

Bob Dylan isn’t the greatest musician  in the world, but he has an audience because people can relate to his lyrical content.

Rick Warren doesn’t claim to be the greatest theologian going around, but his ability to help others apply the truth of scripture to their lives makes him a best-seller and a great pastor.

Oprah Winfrey doesn’t have a massive audience and the accompanying influence because she’s brilliant (although she is), but because she connects with people at all levels.

Be excellent at what you do.  Aim for the highest and reach for the stars.

But don’t forget to ensure that others can relate to what you’re delivering and that you scratch where they’re itching.

Excellence in isolation is a waste.

So don’t forget to connect.

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