Over the years, I have conducted many career workshops and have asked the question, “How many people here have their resume up-to-date?”

Generally, only about 10% of participants indicate that their resume is ready for action.

This has led me to wonder when the best time to update your resume is.

When you are actively job-seeking?

Just after you have found a job?

On the first of January every year?

When the economy is booming?

In the middle of a recession?

After you’ve been in a role for 2 years?  5 years?  10 years?

When you’ve seen the advertisement for your dream job?

When you get a new manager?

When you hear whispers in the corridors about possible company restructures?

When you’re sick of the job that you have now and are desperate to leave?

So what’s the answer?  In my opinion, your resume should always be up-to-date and ready to be sent at short notice.

There’s never a right time and I suspect that we wait for the “right time” as an excuse to put off getting organised.

Don’t wait any longer.

Updating your resume doesn’t mean that you’re looking to leave your existing role or resign next week, it just makes sense to me to get it done now.

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