Lots of people have excuses for not doing great things.

One guy was blind and one was deaf.

One guy was sacked from the company that he built from scratch.

One guy was sent home from school as a young child and his parents were told that he had a learning difficulty and was unteachable.

One guy was dyslexic and another suffered from severe motor neurone disease.

They are each reasonable excuses for not amounting to anything.

What’s your excuse?

The blind guy is Erik Weihenmayer and he has climbed Mount Everest as well as the highest summits on every other continent.

The deaf guy was Ludwig van Beethoven who wrote most of his music after losing his hearing including some of the greatest symphonies in human history.

Steve Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985 before returning in 1996 to lead the company to its current iconic position.

Albert Einstein was sent home from school with perceived learning difficulties before going on to become one of the greatest scientists and thinkers ever.

Sir Richard Branson suffers from dyslexia, something that hasn’t stopped him from becoming the charismatic and successful entrepreneur that we see today.

The guy with motor neurone disease is Stephen Hawking, the eminent physicist who has continued to push the boundaries of his field despite his illness.

Each of these individuals had an excuse for not achieving greatness, but they succeeded in spite of their circumstances.

I have two questions for you today.

What’s your excuse ?

What are you going to achieve anyway?

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