Mini Oasis in the Namibe desert, Angola

Mini Oasis in the Namibe desert, Angola (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just imagine travelling through the desert.

It’s stinking hot and dry.  The sun is almost unbearable as its rays beat mercilessly down upon your head.

And then in the distance, you see signs of life.

You focus all of your energy on your goal and drag yourself towards your desired destination.

And then you get there, only to find nothing but sand.

What you thought was an oasis was a mirage.

What do you do next?

Do you lie there in the sand and give up in exasperation?

Or do you get up, dust yourself off and go in search of your oasis?

In the desert, there are many oases and many mirages.

When you see an oasis in the distance do you go for it, risking that it may not work out as expected or do you just continue to wander in the wilderness believing that you are never destined to find comfort and solace?

What about in life?

Chances are that to reach your goal, you will come across a few mirages along the way.

There will be times when others let you down, when you’ll have unmet expectations and when you feel as though you’ll never make it.

Do you give up, or do you keep going?

Do you understand that every obstacle that you overcome, every locked door that you break down and every mirage that you find takes you closer to meeting your goal?

Or do you wander in the desert for the rest of your life, cursing the mirages and never achieving anything?

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