Thomas Hawk Self Portrait

I recently came across the really cool blog of photographer Thomas Hawk.

I’m not usually into blogs based on photography, although I am aware that they are very popular, but this one caught my attention as Thomas has an unusual, if perhaps impossible goal.

His aim is to publish a library of 1,000,000 finished, processed photographs before he dies.

If Thomas lives to be 80, that’s 1.4 photos every hour for every day of his life.  And that’s assuming that he started when he was a baby!

That’s an ambitious goal!

Some coaches advise against having goals that are out of reach as they give us an excuse for not even trying.  If you’ve ever heard of SMART Goals, you would know that the “A” stands for attainable.

There’s a good reason for ensuring that your goals are attainable.  Thomas could easily say that 1 million photos is outrageous and just give up achieving nothing.

But people like him are propelled by the audacity of the goal.  They are drawn by the challenge and even if they don’t reach it, they do spectacular work trying.

There is value in aspiring for the impossible.

The four-minute mile was impossible once.

Travelling into space was impossible once.

Climbing Mount Everest was impossible once.

And yet they’ve all happened because people chose to set ridiculously audacious goals for themselves.

What’s your impossible dream?

Owning your own home or business?  Impacting world poverty?  Seeing your book published or invention patented?

Let’s redefine possibility and allow ourselves to have ridiculously audacious goals.

Even if you don’t quite reach them, you’ll have a hell of a ride trying!

And don’t forget to check out Thomas’ blog.  He certainly doesn’t substitute quantity for quality, with some spectacular shots on his site.

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