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New Year’s Resolutions invariably fail and there are many reasons why that’s the case.

One of the main reasons would be that many of us compile our goals for the new year after a few champagnes at about 11:58pm on December 31.

The time to start planning what you are going to achieve next year is now.  A year is too important to waste and significant goals don’t often come without spending time in careful consideration.

Find a quiet place, get a pen and paper out and start writing down specific and meaningful goals now so that when the New Year comes you are ready to launch yourself into your challenges with enthusiasm and congruence.

If you’re struggling to find ideas for possible goals next year, consider the following categories of your life:

  • Physical health, weight and fitness
  • Career
  • Work/life balance and key relationships
  • Intellect and skill development
  • Finances
  • Contribution to society
  • Relationship with God

There are other categories, but if you were to achieve a 2-3 meaningful goals from the above list, you could really start to make progress in your life and level of success.

Alternatively, you could wait until 11:58pm on December 31 and risk becoming a hamster on a wheel.

What areas of your life are planning on developing next year?

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