One of the great advantages that we have in the Knowledge Age that we live in is the easy access to information that we have.

And one of the great curses and time-wasters that we have in this era is the easy access to information that we have.

For so many of us our days can turn into this:

Check your email.

Check Facebook.

Check Twitter.

Check your news feeds.

For bloggers, I would add in check blog stats.

People can go for entire days like this. 

Checking, checking, checking.

It looks like work, it seems like work and we rationalise it to ourselves that it is work.

It’s not!

It’s like a farmer going out to his fields every 10 minutes to see if the crops are ready for harvesting rather than fixing the fence that’s been broken for 6 months.

You’ve got abilities and talents that are being squandered if all you do is check.  There is amazing and meaningful work waiting for you.

So let’s stop wasting time, stop checking and start doing.

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