In anything that you do in public, there will be cynics who look down their noses at your efforts and those who are cheering you on and hoping that you do well.

There may be 98 people who are fully engaged with your presentation and two in the audience who have their arms crossed and a scowl across their face, but invariably it’s the two that we work hardest to please.

We think about them, ask them questions, argue with them, try to convince them and try to cater to their needs, to the detriment of the remaining masses who are really enjoying your work.

The reality is that there are always going to be cynics and people who don’t appreciate or can’t relate to your work. 

You’re wasting everyone’s time by trying to impress them, so why not focus on doing your very best for those who appreciate your perspectives and want to learn from you?

Who do you think Chris Martin from Coldplay is thinking about when he writes another great song?  His critics or his fans?

Who do you think Seth Godin is thinking about when he writes another great post for his blog?  His critics or his fans?

Instead of trying to hone your presentation for the 2% with their arms crossed, why not make it better for the 98% who are eager to hear from you?

It’s hard not to ignore the cynics and easy to ignore those who are supporting you.

When in doubt, do your best work for those who appreciate your efforts.

The complainers get to complain, the fans get to cheer and you’ve done a great job.

Everyone’s a winner!

p.s. If you don’t think that you have anyone who is cheering you on, remember God.  He loves you and values your best efforts.  He’s already impressed by you, but anything done to glorify Him will certainly have Him applauding your endeavours.

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