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Most of us have topics that we talk about with others with great passion.

We can’t help ourselves and will corner people at every opportunity to talk about our favourite subject.

The modern marketing term for this is “sneezing” and it invokes a picture of people infecting those around them with their ideas.

Unfortunately, most of the time, we are sneezing trivial things.

I know because I’m guilty of it too.

The latest in sports, Hollywood gossip or iPhone apps.

Why is it that we are more than happy to promote the trivial, but the important ideas go unnoticed?

Are we afraid of rejection, so we keep to safe topics?

I’m not saying that we bore everyone with what we think is important until their eyes glaze over, but I suspect that it’s time for some of our conversations to change.

We’re unlikely to change anything or anyone by sneezing the mundane, but we could if we dared to sneeze things that matter.

Go to a great church?  Achoo!

Read a great book or blog?  Achoo!

Know of a great cause or charity that needs to be promoted? Achoo!

Ideas that are really worth spreading can’t spread themselves, they need you to help.


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