Many of us would like to create at least one masterpiece in our lifetime.

Write a book like Hemingway.

Paint a picture like Rembrandt.

Write a song like Lennon.

As I considered this thought it struck me that all creators of masterpieces didn’t get lucky and have everything that they did become a classic.

I’m sure that all great composers and artists created a lot of rubbish that we don’t remember.

They may have had different training, different inspirations, different backgrounds and different IQ’s, but I suspect that they had one thing in common.

How do you create a masterpiece?

Create a lot of crap as well, because one day you’ll get it right!

Keep trying, keep making mistakes and keep learning.

Just don’t sit there waiting for the perfect idea or the perfect moment of inspiration.

I’m sure that Hemingway wrote a lot of essays that went straight in the bin, that Rembrandt had a lot of paintings that he couldn’t sell and that Lennon wrote many songs that never saw the light of day.

The world is waiting for your masterpiece and it understands that you won’t get it right every time.

So start today, take action and create some genuine crap.

It will take you closer to your masterpiece.

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