Brain surgeons are allowed (in my opinion at least) to be scumbags.  They have my permission (for what it’s worth) to act how they want, say what they want, have a terrible attitude, a haughty sense of entitlement and complain about everything and everyone.


I have two reasons.

Firstly, they are really hard to replace.  It takes a lot of intelligence, discipline, skill and training to become a brain surgeon.  I know that I couldn’t become one, and I’m guessing that you couldn’t either.  I don’t want to limit your potential, but I’m probably right.  Brain surgeons don’t grow on trees, so I’m OK for them to act like scumbags because we don’t get a lot of choice about whether we get the nice brain surgeon or the surly one.

Secondly, brain surgeons save people’s lives.  They do pretty amazing and complex work that significantly benefits our society, so they are allowed to balance this out with a terrible attitude.

We don’t have that option.

My guess is that you either do work that can be done by someone else or that isn’t a matter of life and death. 

As such, we need to act with emotional intelligence, take into consideration the feelings of others and be team players.  We need to play nice and maintain a positive attitude that contagiously impacts those around us.

Brain surgeons are allowed to be scumbags.  You can try and be one yourself in the workplace, but I doubt that it will work out for you.

So drop the attitude, stop being so insensitive, smile at your peers, do more than your job description says and keep your career on track.

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