As a sports fan, I am conscious of how easy it can be for an athlete to fall out of form and how challenging it can be to fire on all cylinders again.

A few times this year, I have also been conscious that there are occasionally areas of my life when I’ve been out of form.  It may be in my role as a husband, parent, leader or christian, but I can sometimes get in a bad rut that can be a challenge to break out of.

Form slumps are normal and most of the all-time greats have experienced them at some stage of their careers, so it’s only natural that we will go periods of time when we’re not performing at our best.

So how can you break out of a form slump?

Acknowledge that you’re out of form.  You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, so the first step to breaking out of your slump is to be honest with yourself.  There’s no point in kidding yourself that things are going OK if they’re not.

Get back to basics.  There’s nothing like practicing the fundamentals of your craft to get you back into form.

If you’re a cricketer, there’s nothing like a good net session.  If you play golf, get out to the driving range.

The same is true if you’re out of form in a non-sporting aspect of your life.

If you’re struggling with your parenting, just try spending lots of time with your kids and be conscious of how you speak to them.

If it’s a work issue, why not have a week of head down, bum up, nothing fancy, keep it simple, write it on your to-do list and just get it done.

Listen to your coach.  Any athlete who wants to work their way back into form will make sure that they get their coach involved in the process.

The same can be true for us, although we don’t always have coaches in name, we can make sure that we have trusted people around us who can guide us and advise us during crucial moments.  Sometimes, those coaches are writers (of books or blogs), who provide expertise in our area of weakness.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Sometimes, when we’re out of form, our negative self-talk can take over and keep us in that holding pattern.  Focussing on the mistakes you’ve made and the fact that you’re out of form can keep you in that place if you’re not careful.

However, if you are able to keep your mind clear and work on doing all that you can to break free from your slump, your chances of success are much higher.

Have a supportive team around you.  There’s nothing like having a few encouragers around you who keep you accountable whilst remaining optimistic about the future to assist you in getting back to your best.

Form slumps are normal, so don’t be overly anxious when you experience them, just acknowledge the reality, get back to basics, listen to your coach, try not to be too hard on yourself and make sure that you’re surrounded by a supportive team.

Have you ever experienced a form slump?  If so, what did you do to get back into form?

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