Today is the third birthday of our beautiful twins, Madison and Logan.

As a parent, it’s a day of immense pride and to celebrate the day with these special kids is one of the coolest things that I get to do as a parent.

When I tell people that I have twins, one statement invariably comes up as a response, “You must have your hands full.”

That’s certainly true.

It been one of the most challenging periods of our lives and sometimes we wonder how we’ve survived.

But we have survived and here are a few things that we have learned on how to survive the first few years of twins.

Be good to each other.  This is a foundation for all parents, but it is especially true of parents of twins and triplets.  Sadly, the divorce rate for parents of multiple births is significantly higher than for other couples.

In the midst of the stress and tumult that your little ones can put you through, remember to take it easy on each other.  Watch your words, resolve conflicts sensibly, be encouraging and take time to listen to each other.

As with all families, when mum and dad are going well, then the rest of the household benefits, so make sure that you are good to each other.

Remember that they’re only young once.  I know that a long of people say this to encourage parents to enjoy it when your children are young as they grow up so quickly.

Whilst that’s true, it can be annoying when you’re in the midst of chaos and sleep deprivation as there are moments when you can’t wait until they are older and more independent.

I say it to remind you that every milestone that you pass won’t have to be repeated.  Once they’ve got all of their teeth, they don’t have to go through the sleepless nights of teething again.

Establish routines.  Routines are important for all young children, but are especially so when multiples are involved.  Developing routines for bath-time, day-time naps, feeding and bed-time at night is crucial.

Once you have a routine set up that works for you and your family, protect it at all costs as one day out of rhythm can create turmoil for your kids as they try to get into a solid routine again.

Join a Multiple Birth Group.  This one has been really important for us and we are grateful for the support of our local Multiple Birth Association.  Sometimes, parents think that they are the only ones experiencing certain pressures, so to be able to discuss your issues with people who are in the same boat as you and understand your situation is invaluable.

We were able to join a local playgroup for twins and triplets which has been a very positive experience, allowing us the chance to debrief with other parents.  Their monthly newsletter has also been a must-read for my wife and I as we read about the similar experiences of others.

Madison and Logan are terrific kids and we are so proud of how they are developing.  For all of the challenges of twins, I am forever grateful to have them in my life.

Thankfully, we have survived the first three years and we hope that it will get easier from here.  The next step is to get them toilet trained, wish us luck with that!

Now where’s that bucket and mop?

If you have experience with multiple births, what are your best survival tips?

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