The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series.

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As a young boy, I had the usual fascination with Superheroes. 

Superman, Batman, Spiderman, if they wore a cape, wore their underpants on the outside or their name ended in “man” then I wanted to emulate their feats and superpowers.

I was also fascinated with the inevitable nemesis that each hero had.

Superman had Lex Luthor, Batman had the Joker and Spiderman had the Green Goblin.

According to my childlike rationale, if I had my own nemesis, I must be a superhero, so I yearned for an enemy, a person who would constantly try to stop my efforts.

I was disappointed that I never had a nemesis as a child, but then recently I was delighted to find one.

Woohoo!  My very own nemesis.

I walked past someone the other day in the office.  It was someone I knew and respected.  I nodded and said hello.

I was snubbed. 

What the …?

How rude?  What was his problem?  Why didn’t he say hello back?  Why didn’t he even acknowledge my existence?

I haven’t done anything to offend him.  Have I?  No, of course not.

He was just being rude.  He must be my nemesis!

I think…

Or maybe he was preoccupied. 

Perhaps he was having a bad day. 

Perhaps he didn’t actually hear or see me or maybe he thought that I was speaking to someone else.

There’s a possibility that I’m overreacting, being overly sensitive and self-absorbed.  Maybe I don’t have a nemesis after all.

Or perhaps I do…

Perhaps it’s me.

Perhaps I’m my own worst enemy.

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