There’s a story about a farmer many years ago who owned a horse.

He wasn’t a rich man and his horse was his most prized possession.

One day he woke up to find that his horse was missing.

The other men in the village came to visit and commiserate with him.  “What terrible luck, losing your prized horse.”

“Was it terrible luck?  Let’s just wait and see, it’s still too early to tell.”  the farmer responded.

Confused, his friends went home.

A few days later, the farmer’s horse returned and it had brought another horse back with him.

“What good fortune,” the man’s friends said, “now you have two horses, you have been blessed.

“Have I?  Let’s wait and see, it’s too early to tell.”  the man answered.

A week later the farmer’s son was riding one of the horses and he fell off, breaking his leg.

“What terrible luck,” his friends said, “You have surely been cursed for such a horrible accident to take place.”

“Just wait and see.”  the man again responded.

Once again his friends were confused by the farmer’s response.

A week later, the country went to war and every able-bodied young man was conscripted to join the military.  The farmer’s son was excused from duty due to his injury, but every other young man from the village was forced to leave.

Sadly, they all were killed in battle.

Once again the men from the village gathered and congratulated the farmer on his good fortune.

“Just wait and see.” was the response.

Sometimes, life goes well and sometimes, not so well.

The  lesson from this story is to make sure that we aren’t too rash to decide whether we have been given a good hand or a bad one.

When life is a struggle, remember to be optimistic as your circumstances may change soon.

When life is going well, keep your feet on the ground as things have a habit of changing.

Whatever happens, remember that life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond.

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