The world of job seeking is a challenging one with many variances and options that can make the process frustrating and confusing for many people.

My wife and I assist many people with their careers and are unable to guarantee that our assistance will get them their dream job, just that it will increase their chances of success.

I’ve said before that looking for a job is like fishing, in that you can do everything right and come back empty-handed or do everything wrong and still land a job.

However, there is one guarantee that I can make.

If you don’t apply for that job, you won’t get it!

It may be that you didn’t think that you were a chance, so you didn’t apply.

It may be that you weren’t looking often enough at the job advertisements and didn’t see a job come up, so you didn’t apply.

It may be that your network didn’t know that you were actively looking so they didn’t tell you about an opportunity that had come up, so you didn’t apply.

It doesn’t matter why, all that matters is that you didn’t put your application in and this guarantees that you won’t get the job.

It’s the only guarantee in job hunting.

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