My wife Karen was reading through a few of my posts earlier today and noticed a couple of typos. 

After wishing that I had done a better job in proof-reading myself before pressing publish, I realised that there are times when we all need someone to help us out with a little bit of editing from time to time.

Very few people like to receive constructive criticism, but it is an important component of personal development, so my question today is, who’s your editor?

Who’s the person whom you allow to look over your work and makes suggestions for improvement?

Who’s the person who has built a such a strong relationship with you that you know they have your best interests at heart when they give you feedback?

Who’s the person who lovingly confronts you when you act insensitively towards someone else?

We all need an editor and I’m grateful for mine.

It’s also important that we find a way to make a contribution to others by acting as their editor from time to time.  Whilst it can feel uncomfortable sometimes to make suggestions to others, many times when I have done this, the other person has been grateful that they received this feedback and were then able to learn from the experience.

Everyone needs someone to tell them that they have broccoli between their teeth.

However, before you do so, make sure that you have established a relationship where this feedback will be both credible and taken in the right spirit.  There are plenty of cynics who love to dish out criticism without first putting the work into the relationship so that their message is received and acted upon.

If you’re editing someone else’s work, make sure that you’re encouraging and positive about their efforts.

If someone comes to you with some feedback and they are completely wrong, don’t over-react or get offended.  If you find the criticism to be unfair, this post may help.

If you deliver feedback to someone and they over-react, don’t push it.  Just be kind and move on.

Editors.  We wish that they weren’t necessary, but they are.  Who is yours and who’s work are you editing?

p.s. In a wonderful moment of irony, I accidentally published this on Sunday night instead of Monday.  Where was Karen when I needed her?

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