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Goal-setting is a critically important task if you want to continue to progress in life.     

One of the challenges when setting goals is to make sure that you stay aware of them, so that you can follow through on your aspirations rather than just be a hamster on a wheel (all activity, no progress).     

There’s no point in having a fantastic goal regarding your career, health or finances and then forgetting about it.  You want to turn your goals into reality and the only way to do that is to keep them in the fore-front of your mind throughout the day.    

What are some simple strategies for staying aware of your goals?    

Write them down… every day.  There’s a lot written about the value of writing down your goals.  However, writing them down and leaving them in a drawer will limit the effectiveness.  I would recommend getting yourself a notebook and writing down your goals on a daily basis.  It may seem like overkill, but you’ll be amazed at how many opportunities come your way because you are more aware of your goals.     

Use your screen-saver.  I came across this idea recently and love it.  It’s simple, but it works!    

Use sticky-notes.  Whether they be work-related goals stuck on your PC, weight-related goals stuck on your fridge or general goals attached to your bathroom mirror or car dashboard, sticky-notes can be very useful for keeping your goals in front of you.    

Tell others.  Whether it be your spouse, a close friend, your boss or a mentor, informing others of your intentions and asking them to discuss your progress on a regular basis can assist in keeping you accountable and focussed on reaching your goals.     

Diarise a review.  With this idea, you use your (electronic or traditional) diary to remind you to complete a monthly review of your progress against each of your goals.  Whether you choose the 1st, 15th or last day of the month is up to you, but a quick review of your progress to celebrate your successes and get back on track with goals that you are slipping on can be a great way of keeping yourself focussed.    

I hope that these tips are helpful.  Are there any other tips that you use that assist you in remaining focussed on your goals? 

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