Today in Australia, we are celebrating Mother’s Day.  It’s a terrific opportunity to thanks our Mums for the terrific contribution that they have made to us and our families.  It’s an often thankless task and we too often take for granted the significant role that mums play in our society.

A recent survey that was published in Melbourne’s Herald Sun gave some insights into what Mums say that they need.

So, how can we help our Mums this Mother’s Day (and every other day of the year)?

56% of Mothers said that they would like more “me” time.  If you are a husband or older child reading this post, make sure that you find a way to allow Mum to do something for herself.  Remember that many mums feel guilty if they look after themselves for a change, so make sure that you persist and that she does it with a clean conscience.

41% of Mothers would like their partners to listen more to what they have to say.  One of the many challenges that stay at home mums face is limited opportunity to have adult conversations.  By putting aside time for meaningful conversations and being better listeners, we can greatly assist the mums in our lives.

Guys if you are reading this, please take note that this is asking us to listen, not solve the problem.  We fall into this trap all of the time (at least I know I do).  Our wives don’t always want us to be the white knight riding in on a stallion to save the day.  Just sit down, listen, look your wife in the eyes, hold her hand and be there.

55% do most of the cooking and cleaning.  Even more damning is that 11% of men give no help at all.  As a husband and father,  I find this a frighteningly selfish statistic.  Frankly, there is no excuse for sitting on the couch watching the footy while your wife is doing housework and I’m sure that most households coud do with a better balance.

63% would like to feel less tired.  There is little doubt that being a mum is a full-time job with no weekends off or vacations.  It can be a physically and emotionally demanding role that can result in many Mums feeling close to exhaustion.

If you can find a way to give the Mum in your household the occasional guilt-free sleep in or afternoon nap, that could be a tremendous help.

Our Mums play a significant role in our families and make a tremendous contribution to our community.  This Mother’s Day, don’t just give a card, some chocolates and a bunch of flowers, but aim throughout the year to allow Mum to have a bit of “me” time, listen to what’s on their minds, help out more around the house and allow for the occasional sleep in.

This would ensure that the impacts of Mother’s Day last a lot longer and I hope that you would agree that this is richly deserved.

What have you done for your Mum?

p.s.  Thanks to my wife Karen for all that you are doing in raising our three beautiful kids.  You are doing a fabulous job and I am so proud of you!

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