As a leader, there’s a saying that’s been on my mind for a few months now.  “If there’s a problem, leadership’s the problem.  If there’s a solution, leadership’s the solution.”

If you’re a leader or aspiring to leadership here’s what this can mean for you and your organisation:

Take responsibility:  President Truman had a sign on his desk that said, “the buck stops here.”  He understood that if something went wrong, he was ultimately responsible. 

Responsibility literally means the ability to respond.  As leaders, we all have to understand that blaming your people, a lack of resources or external market forces doesn’t cut it. 

Don’t admire the problem:  There are times in business or in any organisation when things go wrong.  It can be tempting to stand around with our hands on our hips, but as leaders we need to be solutions focussed, not problem focussed. 

Make a plan, write it down and then immediately set about executing that plan. 

It’s also important that everyone knows that you have things under control during these times.  Communicate your plan to everyone who’s impacted by the problem and put them at ease that someone’s in charge of finding a solution.

Be a better leader:  As I said at the start, if there’s a problem, leadership’s the problem.  That means that in every scenario, there’s something that could have been done more effectively.   That’s not a criticism, that’s the reality.

Your organisation needs you to be a better leader, so it’s time to develop your skills.  Regularly read good leadership and management books, get yourself a mentor, listen to feedback from your manager and your people or attend a relevant seminar in your field. 

Developing your leadership skills will assist you in finding more creative and innovative solutions and increase your value to your group.

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