We’ve all said it and I’ve heard it a lot from my 5 year-old.  I’m bored!

The reality is that most people who are bored, are in fact just boring.   Ouch!

Now that I’ve offended you, what can be done about it?

Increase your energy levels:  One of the symptoms of boredom is an overwhelming desire to seat yourself on the couch in front of the TV for a few hours every evening, perhaps accompanied by junk food.  

If that’s you, sitting there feeling bored, then find ways to increase your energy levels.  A half hour walk, a few simple exercises and eating healthily will help give you more energy and get the blood flowing.  Remember, an active body leads to an active mind, so what better way to break free from your boredom than to increase your energy levels.

Take action:  Is there a task that you’ve been meaning to do, but have made all sorts of excuses for putting off?  Do it now!

There’s something about having a meaningful goal that activates the mind and body.  If you’re sitting around wondering what to do, start taking action on one of your written goals.  If you haven’t written your goals yet, make that the first step.

Perhaps you feel that your existing job is boring.  Why not make it more interesting by setting some work-related goals, or taking the initiative on a new project.  You could go from being the low energy, boring person in cubicle F to the go-getter who is on his/her way up the corporate ladder.

Change your perspective:  One of the challenges that I can fall into personally as a parent is to feel as though I “haven’t got a life.”  I can easily look at the lifestyles of my mates who don’t have kids and have the freedom to do whatever they want and think how boring my life is.  What a mistake!

What I need to make sure that I do is to enjoy the adventure of watching my kids grow up before my eyes.  Last week, we had the privilege of taking them to the museum for the first time and to see the wonder in their eyes when they saw their first dinosaur bones was far from boring.  A trip to the museum may seem boring to some, but when you do things with enthusiasm and an expectation of fun, it’s amazing the joy you can get.

If you think that your life is boring, you’re probably right, and if you don’t think that your life is boring then you’re probably right, so don’t think that the grass is greener elsewhere.  Change your perspective and enjoy the interesting aspects of your life right now.

Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if you simply changed your circumstances life would be more interesting.  Life is only more interesting when we make it so. 

Next time you try to say the “B” word, catch yourself and increase your energy, take action or look at things differently.

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