I once heard someone say that “the difference between who you are now and you will be in 2 years time is dependant on the books you read and the people you hang out with.”

So how can you use this thought to enhance your future?

The books you read:  Most people would say that they wished that they read more books.  It’s certainly on my annual New Years Resolutions list.  If you were read for 15 minutes every day, just imagine the difference that would make to your mind. 

I’m not talking about Mills and Boon here, find some great biographies, books to equip you for the next rung on your career ladder or personal development authors and start reading.  It will make a difference.

Who you hang out with:  One of the realities of human interaction is that we are influenced by each other, especially by the people who we spend a lot of time with.  What sort of friends do you have?  Are they positive, encouraging, enthusiastic individuals, or do they bring you down, limit your dreams and have a depressing outlook on life. 

I’m not saying that we should drop all of our existing friends and start again, but if you have people in your life who energise you and you feel better after spending time with them, give them priority in your social diary.

Good books and good friends.  A nice way to invest in your personal development.

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