We can encourage you.

We can speak hope into your life.

We can offer advice and powerful, compelling words.

But no-one else can light your match.

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Don’t just thank God for Friday.

Don’t be relieved when another working week is done.

Don’t dread and bemoan the other days.

Thank God for them, too.

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I don’t care what the odds are.

I don’t care what others may say about your chances of success.

I don’t care what your competition is or what obstacles are in your path.

Please don’t just surrender.

Please don’t just give up.

Put that white flag away.

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I was on a plane this morning and stumbled upon a wonderful quote used by Viggo Mortensen from the great Scottish writer, Robert Louis Stevenson, which encouraged me to do a bit more research on some of his thoughts.

I stumbled upon a literal treasure trove of brilliant quotes that I just had to share.

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Poets need pain to write from the heart.

Athletes need to tear muscle to build muscle.

Caterpillars need to struggle out of their cocoons to become butterflies.

Scientists need multitudes of failed experiments before they make their great discoveries.

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Philippians 4:8 says,

Whatever is true,

Whatever is noble,

Whatever is right,

Whatever is pure,

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Those who brew their own beer say that it’s better than something that has been bought from the store.

Brazilian football players who grow up in the favelas have a far greater record than those from expensive academies.

Those who make their own fortune seem to do more with it than those who just inherited a lot of money.

And the satisfaction of painting a room or completing a do-it-yourself project around the house is something that can’t be matched by paying a tradesperson to complete the task.

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It doesn’t need to happen quickly.

You don’t need to become an overnight success.

You don’t need to rush everything.

You don’t need to get the desired outcome on your first attempt.

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Hope is for suckers.

It’s asking to have your heart broken.

Optimists are only going to be disappointed.

A belief in a better future is naive and futile.

Nothing will change, the world is what it is, so we only need to look out for today and for ourselves.

Hope is for suckers.

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On a long drive to an unfamiliar destination, I often hope that after the next bend or the next hill, a relevant landmark will be there to let me know that I’ve almost made it.

Yet, so often, my hope is in vain.

“Maybe this will be the one.”


Surely after this hill.”


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