You’ve done it once, can you do it again?

Do you still have the hunger, the desire, the yearning?

Now that you know how much work it takes to get to the top, are you willing to start the climb once more?

Are you motivated by the same drivers, or do you need new ones?

Is the fire still raging, or have the flames diminished slightly?

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Before the iconic battle between David and Goliath takes place, there’s an important episode.

After David volunteered to take on the giant, King Saul offered his armour and sword for the fight.

David put them on and walked around, but he felt uncomfortable.

“I cannot go in these,” he said to Saul, “because I am not used to them.” (1 Samuel 17:39b)

He didn’t need the king’s equipment, he just had to use what he already had.

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Under normal circumstances, my personality is quite laid back and fun-loving, but there are times when I let life get on top of me.

Perhaps the kids have been annoying, I’ve had a few bad clients in a row or I’ve been wrestling with a couple of minor health issues.

It can too easily turn me into a grumpy old bear who scowls more than he smiles.

Whatever the excuse, it needs to change.

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Before you start moving towards your goals, you have to believe that they are possible.

Yes, it’s important that they are challenging and stretching, but you still have to believe in your heart that you can do it.

If you don’t, it’s over before you start.

You won’t make your business successful if you don’t think that you can.

You will lose the sale if you can’t imagine closing the deal.

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Lord, grant me eyes to see what you are doing, that I may join you in your work.

To see the boundless opportunities around me to make a positive difference for You.

To see how I can encourage and inspire Your people to live their best lives.

To see my flaws, that I would repent and change my ways.

To see where I can learn and grow.

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Don’t just let life happen to you.

Don’t just meander aimlessly.

Don’t float along like a piece of paper on a river.

Don’t let others define who you are or what you are meant to do.

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In football, it is common practice for a team to waste time late in the second half when they hold a slender lead.

Players start rolling around the pitch as if they have been shot.

Defenders cynically kick the ball away unnecessarily.

Goalkeepers take too long to deliver the ball to their outfielders.

It’s a blight on the game, but it’s expected and it’s the referee’s job to hand out yellow cards for such offences, while the player pleads his innocence.

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I have been to both York and New York and love both places, but there are some important distinctions.

York is a quaint, quiet town, whilst New York is a bustling metropolis.

York plays homage to the past, New York is always moving forward.

York is home to about 150,000 people, New York’s population is over 8 million.

The original is lovely, the new version is extraordinary.

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Rise from your slumber.

Wipe the sleep from your eyes.

Look around with wonder.

Stop dreaming.

Don’t sleep walk through life.

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Some people are like a nail.

They are happy to be hidden away with all of the other nails, waiting to be struck into a wall somewhere.

They are anonymous.

They are replaceable.

Their whole life is impacted and influenced by external sources.

Other people are like a hammer.

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