Practice your scales.

Read the latest research.

Write, edit, write again.


Run your laps.

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The moment you enter the office, be ready for action.

Be engaged and enthusiastic.

Be positive in your interactions.

Walk with your shoulders back and your head held high.

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You only have a certain number of days on this planet and that’s what makes them precious.

You can squander them.

You can waste them doing stuff that doesn’t matter.

You can stumble through them.

You can forget their value.

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There are lots of little things that we can do that can have a huge impact if we do them often enough.

Reading one page won’t do much, but reading a chapter a day, every day, will significantly impact your development.

You won’t break a sweat doing just one push up, but a daily exercise routine will have massive health and wellbeing benefits.

One moment of positivity won’t change the culture of your workplace, but if you bring a smile, enthusiasm and encouragement to every office interaction, you can make it a better place to work for everyone.

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When you look back on the meetings you attended today, did anything come out of them that mattered?

When you reflect on the conversations that you had, did you make a positive contribution?

After an hour spent working on your email inbox, was anything accomplished?

And after you’ve broken down the day into 15 minute increments, could you honestly say that they each took you closer to a meaningful goal or target?

It’s easy to be busy.

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The great James Taylor sings:

Shower the people you love with love,

Show them the way that you feel.

Things are gonna be much better if you only will.

Whenever that song comes up on my playlist, it’s a timely reminder.

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Chameleons are remarkable creatures.

With the ability to change their colours, they can hide in a range of situations, adapting to their surroundings to blend in.

For a creature like that, it’s a very handy skill.  Sneaking up on prey and sneaking away from predators is a great survival strategy.

Are you blending in?

Are you hiding?

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Do you find yourself pondering if you will ever achieve your goals?

Or do you think about when you will?

Do you wonder what will happen if you ever get the opportunity to lead?

Or do you consider what you will do when that happens?

If or when?

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As I see it, there are a range of standards we can aspire to.

You can aim to…

be better than the guy next to you.

be good enough.

meet the requirements of the job description.

pass inspection.

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If you dare you can…

Break out of that rut,

Apply for that promotion,

Launch that website,

Start a new habit,

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