Sometimes we’re afraid to say, “I don’t know.”

Maybe we’ll feel like a fool.

Maybe we feel as though we should know.

Maybe we believe that others think that we should know.

So we are tempted to make up an answer, avoid the question or lash out in frustration.

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Tonight, Madison and I cooked dinner for the family.

I’m not a great cook, but Maddi had a recipe that she wanted to try, so we went to the local supermarket to buy some ingredients.

It was a simple chorizo carbonara with fettucini and it was delicious.  In fact, her twin brother, Logan, proclaimed it the best home cooked meal that he had ever consumed.  That’s high praise from a growing 12 year old boy.

But it’s not about the quality of the meal.

It’s about the quality of the memory that was created.

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Your patience will be tested in the coming weeks.

Don’t lose your patience.

Your resilience will also be tested.

Don’t lose your resilience.

Your faith will be tested.

You really want to keep hold of that.

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Football coach Pete Carroll was once asked, “Pete, which is better: winning or competing?”

He simply replied, “Competing… because it lasts longer.”

You may not feel as though you’re winning at the moment, but you can still compete.

You can still battle.

You can still persevere.

You can still do your best.

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Our front lawn had a small patch of clover.

It seemed small and insignificant, so I left it.

Then it grew larger and larger, gradually taking over.

Until the rest of the grass was overwhelmed.

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Imagine that you’re sauntering around an exotic market and find a wonderful rug that you just have to have.

You look at it closely and can visualise it in your home.

You must have it, then you look at the price tag.

Wow, that’s steep.

The merchant looks at you and smiles.

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As I see it, the two biggest mistakes that hold us back from achieving our goals are:

  1. We don’t start,
  2. We give up too soon.

The good news is that that if you haven’t started yet, you still can.

And if you’ve given up, you can get back in the game.

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When you covet your neighbour’s house…

Or your sister’s car…

Or your best friend’s job…

Or some random dude on TV’s seemingly dream life…

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Hey team, time to huddle up.

The first half of 2020 may not have gone to plan.

We had plans, we had goals, we thought that it was going to be different to this, but remember, it’s only half-time.

Some are saying that it’s been a waste of a year, a disaster, bring on 2021, but it’s only half-time.

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In his wonderful book, The Captain Class, Sam Walker writes:

One of the highest compliments coaches can pay athletes is to describe them as relentless, to say that they just keep coming.  Not every star has this quality.  Some have a tendency to take games off; others shrink in critical situations.

How would your coach or the people around you describe your attitude to life?

Would they say that you are relentless?

That you just keep coming?

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