With the sad, untimely passing of tennis great Jana Novotna at the young age of 49, I stumbled across a beautiful quote from the Duchess of Kent after Jana lost the Wimbledon Final to Steffi Graf in 1993.

Jana was almost inconsolable, when the Duchess leaned over and whispered, “I know you will win it one day, don’t worry.”

Five years later, those words proved prophetic when she eventually won the Wimbledon final in 1998.

We all come across people who have lost hope.

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You’re not responsible for what others say or do, but you are responsible for how you respond.

You’re not responsible for your upbringing, but you are responsible for whether or not you stay in the past.

You’re not responsible for the standard of the work of the people around you, but you are responsible for maintaining your own standard of excellence.

You’re not responsible for how engaging or inspiring your boss is, but you are responsible for keeping yourself motivated and focused.

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This is the 2000th post on this blog.

It’s not a milestone that I was anticipating or would have expected to reach when I first started this blog in March 2010, but it’s certainly one that I am proud of.

I started to make better use of my evenings as I felt that I was wasting my time watching too much TV or playing games.  I also wanted to provide a positive alternative in the often hostile and negative internet world.

So every weeknight, rain, hail or shine, I hit publish and another post goes out.

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I don’t know what you do every day.

Perhaps you are making products that your clients love.

Or maybe you’re making people happy, or at the very least, happier than they were before.

You might be making processes more efficient.

Or making other people look better.

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I noticed that the last three posts have had the word “don’t” in the title, which seems a bit negative for me, so today I just want to say, “do.”

Do set big goals and work hard to achieve them.

Do take action.

Do keep going when life gets tough.

Do encourage and inspire others.

Do keep learning and growing.

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I don’t feel like doing any work today.

I don’t feel like doing my best.

I don’t feel like writing.

I don’t feel like reading or learning.

I don’t feel like smiling.

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It’s easy for NFL teams to settle for field goals.

They get reasonable field position, but don’t want to risk getting that far without getting something in return, so they take the kick, bank the 3 points and try to get a stop on defense.

It’s safe.

It’s almost guaranteed.

It’s still a score.

But what if they could do better?

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How many times have you heard stories of people who have had a near death experience that changed their whole perspective of life?

After a heart attack or car accident, they realise that life is short and valuable.

They commit themselves to doing something that matters.

They tell their kids that they love them more often.

They enjoy the little things more.

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Actions are like bank interest in that they have a compounding effect.

The actions that you take today give you something to build on tomorrow.

The little wins give you momentum.

The progress that you make encourages you to keep going.

The detours that you find along the way help you to find remarkable opportunities that you wouldn’t have found if you had stayed still.

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Be an active participant in life.

Put your phone down and engage with others.

Find someone to mentor.

Find someone to mentor you.

Go to the park with your kids and play.

Say “Yes” to more opportunities.

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