Our kids have gadgets galore.

Tablets, phones, laptops, fancy watches, kindles.

And every Christmas, it seems that their list of devices grows.

But do you think that they can remember to charge them?

Not a chance.

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We may be weary.

Our adversaries may be strong.

There may be times when our knees shake in fear.

The obstacles in our path may seem insurmountable.

We may feel alone and in need of help.

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I’m unsure if that new idea is going to work.

I’m unsure if that new person in the office will work out.

I’m unsure what tomorrow will bring.

I’m unsure if that was the best possible decision to get the best possible outcome.

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One of my favourite thinkers, Tom Peters, once said, “If I read a book that cost me $20 and I get one good idea, I’ve gotten one of the greatest bargains of all time.”

A great book is a great investment.

It doesn’t cost much to buy.

It costs nothing to read.

But the benefits can be huge.

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I’m reading through the book of Proverbs at the moment (as I do every year) and once again have been amazed by the timeless wisdom contained there.

I know, and respect, that not all of you guys share my faith, but some of these proverbs have universal application and I hope that they help you in some way:

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If you’re a leader, you can’t just make your staff do what you want them to do.

You can’t force them to be successful.

You can’t rant and rave your way to better outcomes.

Constant manipulation and coercion will get you nowhere.

You have to lead them.

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Every day, we get to make a crucial choice.

Will I have a positive attitude, or a negative one?

Will I find things to be grateful for, or to complain about?

Will I smile, or scowl?

Will I look for opportunities to do great work, or to do nothing?

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Passengers sit up the back.

They make snide comments about the driver.

They put their destination in the hands of the one they are complaining about.

Zero responsibility, maximum commentary.

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The rhino looked at the unicorn.

“I wish I was that pretty,” she said to herself.

The unicorn looked back at the rhino.

“I wish I was that strong,” she thought.

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Confession time.  This is something that I’m terrible at.

I think of something that I know I should do.

Give this person a call, send an email, make sure that you don’t forget to acknowledge that milestone.

I hesitate or get caught up in the busyness of the day and then the moment is gone.

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