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Can-you-enterCan you find work that is fulfilling and pays the bills?

Can you defeat your fears and doubts to create phenomenal work?

Can you develop the skills required to maximise your potential?

Can you make a positive and lasting difference in the world?

Can you overcome the obstacles in your path?

Can you find the time to do all that you need to do?

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Everything-is-possibleIn Mark chapter 9, there is a story of a father who has asked Jesus to heal his son.

Jesus asked the boy’s father, How long has he been like this?”

“From childhood,” he answered. “It has often thrown him into fire or water to kill him. But if you can do anything, take pity on us and help us.”

“If you can?” said Jesus. Everything is possible for one who believes.”

Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”

There are times when I can relate to this man more than any other character in the Bible.  I have a strong faith, but it doesn’t come without questions or doubts.

This is my prayer when I feel like this: Read the rest of this entry »

It-is-a-lot-likeIn his book of essays titled “Palm Sunday” novelist Kurt Vonnegut says of writers,

“Our power is patience. We have discovered that writing allows even a stupid person to seem halfway intelligent, if only that person will write the same thought over and over again, improving it just a little bit each time.  It is a lot like inflating a blimp with a bicycle pump.  Anybody can do it.  All it takes is time.”

I love that thought “inflating a blimp with a bicycle pump” and my suspicion is that this doesn’t just apply to writing novels, but other ventures as well.

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Not-everyone-has-toNot everyone needs to believe in your dreams.

Your boss doesn’t.

Your pastor doesn’t.

Your family doesn’t.

Your friends don’t.

It’s nice if they all do, but it’s not totally necessary.

Because not everyone needs to believe in your dreams, but you do.

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Living-with-purpose-isIt can be tempting sometimes to look for the easy road, the comfortable path, the guaranteed outcome.

But I’m not sure that life works like that (and I’m not sure that it should).

So, remember, if you have to work hard to get it, it’s probably worth the effort and you will look back with pride on your achievements.

If you take a risk and fall, you’ll realise that it doesn’t hurt as much as you thought it would.

If you’re aware of how much you still have to learn to become an expert in your field, then you have a great opportunity for growth and development.

If you have bad days, weeks or months, then the good times will feel so much better when they inevitably come.

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If it looks like an opportunity.

If it feels like an opportunity.

If you suspect in any way, shape or form that it’s an opportunity.

Then it’s an opportunity.

So don’t miss it.

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In 1973, E.B. White, the author of Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little, received a letter from a fan expressing his dismay at the world and concern for the future.

This is White’s timeless and brilliant response:

Dear Mr. Nadeau:

As long as there is one upright man, as long as there is one compassionate woman, the contagion may spread and the scene is not desolate. Hope is the thing that is left to us, in a bad time. I shall get up Sunday morning and wind the clock, as a contribution to order and steadfastness. Read the rest of this entry »

One small note of thanks…

One small smile…

One small word of encouragement…

One small act of kindness…

One small prayer…

One small affirmation…

One small coaching tip…

One small gift…

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Today, I have a simple message for you.

You matter!

Not because you have a sexy job title, and even if you don’t.

Not because you make a lot of money, and even if you don’t.

Not because you’re successful and high achieving, and even if you’re not.

Not because you are well-connected, and even if you’re not.

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A person with a cause has enormous power and the capacity to overcome massive challenges to deliver phenomenal outcomes.

They can start a war, or stop one.

They can do great harm, or provide healing.

They can oppress, or they can set free.

They can maintain the status quo, or revolutionise their field.

They can be completely self-absorbed, or focused on helping the people around them.

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