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The-sun-doesnt-alwaysThe sun doesn’t always shine…

but it will come out eventually.

Flowers aren’t always in full bloom…

but spring will return.

Not every innovation that you try will work…

but eventually you’ll get it right.

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We-all-need-courage-toWe need courage to act in spite of our fears.

We need courage to stand out from the crowd.

We need courage to confront the (external and internal) voices that tell us we’re no good for anything.

We need courage to have those difficult conversations that we sometimes need to have.

We need courage to be kind to those who don’t have the means to reciprocate, or may even reject our kindness.

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Start-small-Stay-focusedMy daughter Madison goes to gymnastics lessons every week.

She absolutely loves it and over time you can see how much she has improved.

Her favourite apparatus is the balance beam, which is a bit scary for us as we watch her balance precariously on a small piece of wood a few feet above the ground.

But of course, she didn’t start that high.

She started on a soft beam that’s at ground level.  It’s not scary, and if she falls, she doesn’t hurt herself.

Then she moved onto a normal beam that’s a few inches off the ground so that she still can’t do too much damage if she has a spill.

As she mastered her technique and her confidence improved, she gradually moved onto the usual three metre beam, four feet off the ground.  It still seems scary, but less so when there are hours of practice put in on the lower levels.

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Dont-let-your-memoriesAre your memories more vivid than your dreams?

Do you spend more time contemplating the past, or planning for the future?

Are you thinking about your regrets, or ensuring that you don’t have any?

Are you dwelling on past missed opportunities, or looking for your next big break?

When you remember, are you focusing on your past failures or replaying your finest moments?

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Incite LoveIt seems very easy to incite fear.

We live in a world where too many people are pointing fingers, calling others names and cursing their enemies in the name of their god.

And there are too many people stirring the pot, moving them to new, dangerous levels of violence, hatred and suspicion.

Fear is one of our most primal emotions and it doesn’t take much for it to become one of the most influential feelings in our communities, driving important decisions and dominating our airwaves.

But is it possible to incite love?

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Caterpillars-dont-learnIt’s great to read books by inspiring and expert authors.

And to listen to amazing speakers is always a positive experience.

But here’s the thing, are you being informed or transformed?

Because it’s nice to learn new things.

There’s nothing wrong with being entertained.

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You-can-rise-again-YouSometimes, it feels as though life just kicks you in the head.

Everything’s going swimmingly until out of nowhere, it all spins out of control.

And then you’re lying on the ground, blood spilling from your nose, eyes all blurry, with everyone watching.

Some people were waiting for this moment and laugh.

Some are as surprised as you are and express their sympathy.

But none of that matters, all you know is that it hurts like hell.

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Nothing-happens-untilThere’s no point waiting for the right opportunity to fall into your lap.

And there’s only so much dreaming and aspiring you can do.

Great ideas are terrific, but limited without action.

And you can’t climb a mountain by looking at it.

You can learn, think, intend, want and discuss for as long as you want.

But remember, nothing happens until you move.

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Does-your-vocation-matchI can’t imagine Jimi Hendrix as the CEO of a multi-national corporation.

Or Sir David Attenborough as a police officer.

Usain Bolt as an accountant seems strange.

And the same could be said for Oprah Winfrey as a shopkeeper.

I also sure that Warren Buffet working on a construction site would be an odd mix.

And I’ve tried to picture JK Rowling as a real estate agent, but I can’t see it.

It’s not that any of these vocations aren’t noble or necessary.

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Yesterdays AchievementsI don’t know what yesterday’s achievements were.

They may have been phenomenal, or they may have been insignificant.

They may have stretched your capabilities, or they may have come easily.

They may have been the result of years of hard work, or they may have been a lucky break.

They may have been your best work so far, or they may have been a repeat of your past efforts.

I don’t know what yesterday’s achievements were, but they don’t matter now.

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