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When-you-stand-out-fromWhen a small fish stands out from the rest of the shoal, it gets eaten by a shark.

When a zebra stands out from the rest of the herd, it gets eaten by a lion.

When a pigeon stands out from the rest of the flock, it gets eaten by a hawk.

As social creatures, we often see ourselves in a similar light.

Don’t do anything too outrageous, you’ll be criticised.

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Were-not-wearing-a-leashA dog doesn’t take itself for a walk. It needs the owner to assign a time, grab the leash and open the door.

A goldfish can’t swim outside of the confines of its small bowl.

A caged canary can’t fly to the sky above.

And a circus elephant does its tricks on command.

But that’s not us.

We’re not caged animals.

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We-want-the-perfect-jobLate last year we did a lot of work on our garden and put in some new plants.

To help them flourish and keep the soil moist, we placed a layer of mulch around them.

Now every day, the local blackbirds can be seen hopping and scratching around them, looking for insects and worms to eat.  They are relentless in their search, not waiting for the bugs to appear, but seeking actively for them under the surface of the mulch.

As I pondered these persistent little birds, I couldn’t help but wonder how many opportunities we missed because we were waiting for them to jump out at us.

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Dont-just-prepare-whatRecent research from San Diego State University found that when some of the larger whales species call to each other, they don’t hear the message, they feel it in their bones.

Wouldn’t it be great if we all communicated like that too?

If instead of just spouting words for people to hear, we delivered messages that truly connected?

If instead of researching facts, we shared stories?

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Common RavenEvery afternoon at about 3pm at my kids’ school, large numbers of very entrepreneurial ravens start to gather.

They know that after the playground has cleared, there are easy pickings of sandwiches, fruit or other goodies waiting for them.

My observant oldest son Hayden claims that he has even seen them use their beaks to open up lunchboxes so that they can get to the food within.

So they gather, they swoop and they feast.

What does that have to do with us I hear you ask?

I’ve met a lot of people who act and talk as though they are trapped.

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How-about-instead-ofHave you ever seen a dog with three legs?

They are truly remarkable.

They hobble around chasing balls and birds with their tails wagging happily, unconcerned by their apparent disability, but just focused on doing what dogs do best.

They love life, never complain and have exactly the same attitude of dogs with four legs.

How we could learn from them.

In some way, most of us are three-legged dogs.

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Is-it-time-for-you-toHayden’s pet blotched blue-tongue lizard, named Bartlett, recently shed its skin for the first time.

It took a few days of rubbing himself against his rocks and branches and eventually the old skin came off and he emerged with new, brighter and more colourful skin.

Lizards and other reptiles shed their skin to allow for growth.

It’s uncomfortable for them and they can get grumpy during the process, but it’s necessary because as their bodies get bigger, they need to burst through their existing covering into new, larger self.

Is it time for you to shed your skin?

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Eagles-dont-hunt-fliesI stumbled upon a wonderful Jewish proverb this week that simply says, “Eagles don’t hunt flies.”

It’s true isn’t it?

They hunt for prey that will satisfy them.

They hunt prey that they are equipped to catch.

They seek and find bigger things.

What about you?

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Next-time-youre-waitingMy oldest son, Hayden is turning 10 soon.  Yes, I’m that old!

He loves animals (he writes his own animal blog) and more than anything, wants a lizard for his birthday to add to his little menagerie, which at this stage consists of two goldfish.

Lizards aren’t energetic creatures like dogs or cats.  Because they are cold-blooded, they required an external heat source to warm them up and give them the energy that they need to survive.

Alas, I’ve met a few people who act as though they are lizards.

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Who do you have speaking into your life?  Voices that question your capabilities, or voices that encourage you to greatness?

Who do you have speaking into your life? Voices that question your capabilities, or voices that encourage you to greatness?

A young cheetah had just left home and was setting out to hunt for the first time.

As he prowled the savannah looking for potential prey, a hyena saw him and asked what he was doing.

“I’m going hunting,” the cheetah said proudly.

“What?  You?” the hyena sneered, “You’re too small and inexperienced, you’ll never catch anything!”

Demoralised, the young cheetah wandered around aimlessly for the rest of the day without success and went hungry.

The next morning, the cheetah headed out to hunt again, hoping that he would be more successful this time, but not overly optimistic.

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