One-day-you-will-lookSometimes, life doesn’t go according to plan.

Your business may be struggling or your missed out on another promotion.

Perhaps your kids are unwell, or misbehaving, or both.

There may be issues with your marriage or wider family that you are wrestling with.

It could be that you are having a faith crisis.  “Is God real?  Does He care? Does He care about me and my situation?  Will He do anything about it?”

There’s no shame in having these moments, I know that I seem to have a had a few in the past couple of weeks.

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Youll-never-find-theNo matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to find the time to go to the gym or exercise more.

You’ll never find the time to read more or study.

You’ll never find the time to travel the world.

You’ll never find the time to tick off everything on your bucket list.

You’ll never find the time to play with your kids and enjoy being with them as they grow up.

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It-doesnt-matter-if-youOnce upon a time, there was a shepherd who had 10 sheep.

Every night, they would happily sleep in a field together, until one night something went wrong.

When the shepherd came to gather the sheep in the morning, there was one missing.

The next night the nine remaining sheep went to sleep, but once again, when the shepherd returned in the morning one was missing.

The sheep were getting worried, so the next night, Seamus the sheep kept one eye open to see what was happening.

What Seamus saw was astonishing!

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Sometimes-we-fall-intoAnts seem like they’re everywhere.

They scurry about on their little adventures and it’s not hard to find them.

I sometimes wonder, are these the same ants that I saw yesterday or are they new ones?

I could squash them, spray them, call the exterminator.

But still there are ants and they are everywhere.

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Amazing-doesnt-happen-byI wish that I could tell you that there was an easy way to produce extraordinary outcomes, but that’s just not the way it is.

You won’t change the world on a whim.

You won’t do anything remarkable without trying.

You won’t get phenomenal results through half-hearted effort.

Your natural talent will only get you so far in life.

Your bold aspirations need to be matched by your consistent contribution.

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There-will-be-times-whenThere will be times when you will want to give up…


You will want to settle for second best from yourself…


You will want to stop experimenting and learning…


There will be times when you want to just look out for yourself…

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Januarys-done-Now-theJanuary is such a lovely, idealistic month.

We enter it with grandiose ideas and bold resolutions designed to make our lives better.

We buy gym memberships and matching outfits.

We purchase personal development books and enrol in expensive courses.

We drink less, go to church more, swear less and eat more leafy greens.

And then the weeks tick over and the momentum falters.

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Make-sure-that-you-areIf you owned a zoo, you wouldn’t put an elephant in the Arctic exhibit.

And the penguins and polar bears wouldn’t thrive in the desert section.

You wouldn’t leave the birds in an open area where they could fly away.

And no-one would put venomous snakes in a section with open bars where they can attack the visitors.

If we can find a way to ensure that animals are kept in conditions that best match their unique needs and enables them to thrive, why do so many people spend their lives in jobs that don’t match their skills, for companies that don’t match their values?

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First Day of School

Logan, Hayden and Madison on their first day back at school

This week, our oldest son Hayden started middle school.

It only seems like yesterday that he started primary school, but now he’s wearing a blazer and taking the next step in his education.  I may or may not have shed a tear, I can’t quite remember.

In the last couple of days, he has expressed a small amount of anxiety over this next stage.

And then, on the night before school started he marched out to us and proudly announced, “I’m looking forward to a new adventure.”

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Wisdom-and-consequencesOne of the books that I’m reading at the moment is Wayne Cordeiro’s “The Divine Mentor.”  In it, Wayne reminds us:

“Life has given us two very effective teachers. Both are topflight instructors, but neither comes cheap. While both are effective, both require something of us. We have to choose one or the other, and if we choose neither, the second will be chosen for us. The teachers are Wisdom and Consequences.”

Wisdom and consequences.

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