Perhaps-youre-being-putWhen Europeans were first confronted by the great samurai warriors of Japan, they were amazed at how hard and effective their katanas were.

What they found out is that when making their famous swords, Japanese blacksmiths would take a piece of steel, apply extreme heat and beat it into shape.

Then they would put it back into the furnace and fold it over, beating it back into shape.

Then they would do it again.

And again.

And again.

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photo via flickr

photo via flickr

Five years ago today, I was pottering away on my computer, investigating options for starting a blog.

I had been thinking about it for a while, but had finally started to take action and after a couple of hours, I had set up my own blog on WordPress.

When I first started, I thought that I had enough ideas for maybe 50-60 posts at the most, but after a while, I started to find a writing rhythm and voice, and soon started a routine (some would say addiction) of publishing a new post every weekday.  Over 1300 posts later and I’m still going.

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Madison running with a smile

If you’ve got to do it, do it with a smile!

This week, Madison and Logan had their school athletics day.  It wasn’t anything too dramatic, just a lap around a small track against three other Grade One children.

Everyone cheered and everyone got a ribbon.

One of the privileges of working for myself is that I get to set my own hours and attend these school events and it was nice to see them both run.

Unsurprisingly, Madison won her race and surprisingly, Logan won his, so it was nice to celebrate their wins.

But in the midst of everything, there was something that I hadn’t noticed.

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The newest addition to our household, Dusty the golden retriever

Last Friday night, we got a new addition to our household, an adorable golden retriever puppy named Dusty.

She has already stolen my heart (look at that face, how could I resist!), but I wasn’t always on board with getting another dog.

I’m pretty sure that it was my wife Karen who started the campaign a few years ago.  Before we had kids, we had two beautiful goldies, Sasha and Larry.  They were terrific pets and were an intrinsic part of our household for many years.

And so the lobbying started.

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Big-problems-are-easy-toFacebook, Twitter and almost every other site on the internet…

Your favourite TV shows…

Nights at the local pub…

Sporting events and hobbies…

That new puppy…

All OK in isolation and moderation.

But when they’re combined, they will waste your time and strangle your dreams.

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When-your-motivation-isTom was tired when he went to see his mentor Dwyer.

They sat quietly in Dwyer’s old cabin, whittling wood with their knives in front of the fireplace when Tom finally spoke up.

“I don’t know how you do it,” he said.

“Do what?” asked Dwyer.

“I don’t know how you stay motivated to help people after so many years.  I feel like giving up and I’ve hardly started.”

Dwyer smiled wryly and replied, “Can you blow out that candle for me?”

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Those-who-take-actionOver the years, I’ve coached a lot of people.

At the end of every session, I ask them when they’re going to take action on their goals.

The answers vary.

Some say “immediately.”

Some give a time or date at some stage in the next week or month.

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You-can-start-movingHere’s a quick list of things that can’t move or change direction by themselves:

Trains, trams, cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles.

Ferris wheels, roller coasters and carousels.

But not people.

And certainly not you.

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Stop-whispering-aboutStop whispering about how you’re going to change the world.

And start changing it.

Stop whispering about that business that you want to start.

And start it.

Stop whispering about becoming a better parent.

And become a better parent.

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The-Five-EmotionalI’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now and find myself consistently going through various emotional stages, often on an almost daily basis.

I used to be puzzled and frustrated by them. but now I accept and embrace the stages as they seem to be a normal part of blogging for me and possibly are a normal part of the creative process for many people in their field.

So, here are my five emotional stages of blogging: Read the rest of this entry »

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